Fatal Accidents on New York Construction Sites

Construction workers play a vital part in the NY economy, keeping the real estate market strong. Yet, these workers face a shocking number of job hazards. Despite laws enacted to keep construction workers safe, they are often harmed. Tragically, some construction workers die on the job, leaving their families to grieve a senseless loss.

Here are alarming statistics that show the danger of construction jobs:

  • The private construction industry led all occupations in New York City job-related deaths;
  • 22 construction workers were killed in NYC in 2018;
  • 69 construction workers were killed in New York in 2017;
  • New York’s construction fatality rate recently increased by 39%; and
  • Most workers die on non-union job sites.

If your loved one was killed on a New York construction site, you need an experienced construction attorney. An attorney can help you seek justice and get compensation for your loved one’s death.

What Causes Construction Worker Deaths?

Construction sites can be dangerous, presenting many hazards. Construction workers trust supervisors to maintain a safe environment and equipment manufacturers to provide them with a reliable product. Even a small error by anyone involved in the construction industry can be fatal for workers.

Here are common causes of New York construction worker deaths:

  • Falls, 
  • Being struck by a falling object,
  • Electrocution, and
  • Entrapment.

Every year, falls lead to construction workers’ deaths. Preventing fatalities requires thorough training, safe equipment, and responsible behavior. If an employer or a co-worker fails in any of those requirements, another worker could be killed. Employers must provide a safe work environment, and our attorneys will hold them accountable if they neglect this obligation.

What Compensation Is Available for a Fatal Construction Accident?

When your loved one is killed in a NYC construction accident, you have the right to pursue compensation. You may have several types of compensation available, depending on the specifics of the accident:

  • Workers’ compensation death benefits,
  • Wrongful death lawsuit against an employer, and
  • Wrongful death lawsuit against a third party.

The attorneys at Ferrante & Koenig can research the details of your loved one’s death to determine what type of compensation you should pursue. Then they will work to get you every dollar you deserve.

Contact a Construction Accident Wrongful Death Attorney

We know that we can’t bring your loved one back, and monetary compensation seems insufficient. However, we offer you our full devotion to what we can do:

  • Investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s death,
  • Determine who caused their death,
  • Determine your best path for maximum compensation, and
  • Passionately advocate for the compensation you deserve.

A wrongful death lawsuit can provide for you and your family. However, it also holds the people who caused your loved one’s death accountable. Hopefully, facing liability also makes negligent employers improve safety standards. If that happens, your lawsuit could save the lives of other construction workers.

If you would like to learn more about workers’ compensation death benefits or file a wrongful death lawsuit, contact the attorneys at Ferrante & Koenig for a free consultation. We will listen with compassion as you describe your loved one’s experience, and we will work diligently on your behalf.

Injuries from Roof Collapses on New York Construction Sites

Roofs are a critical part of any building, protecting the people and furnishings inside from rain, snow, and sun. A leaky roof can cause water damage and mold, requiring expensive repairs. Thus, roofers play a critical role in the construction industry.

However, building and installing a roof can be a dangerous job. Each year, New York construction workers are injured and killed from roof collapses. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a New York roof collapse, you need to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney. An attorney can help you get the compensation you need. 

What Causes Roof Collapses?

Roof collapses are often caused by natural elements, such as tornado winds or rain, snow, or ice piling on top of a building. However, poor design and upkeep puts a roof in a vulnerable position. A well-constructed roof should be able to withstand the elements and protect the people under its cover.

Why Do You Need a Construction Accident Attorney?

After you are injured on a New York construction site, you are likely focused on getting medical treatment and trying to recover from your injuries. It can feel stressful to try to pay bills and negotiate with the insurance company while you’re hurt.

You need someone on your side to fight for you and take the burden of paperwork and negotiations from you. At Ferrante & Koenig, we’ll handle all the legal details so that you can focus on healing. Our experienced legal team will perform the following steps, if necessary for your case:

  • Investigate the cause of the roof collapse,
  • File workers’ compensation paperwork,
  • Explore legal options for a personal injury lawsuit,
  • File all required court documents for a lawsuit,
  • Interview witnesses,
  • Hire expert witnesses, and
  • Advocate persuasively for the injury payment you need.

Our attorneys have been helping accident victims for years. We want to make the lawsuit process as easy as possible for you because you have enough on your plate with accident recovery. Contact us for a free consultation to get started on your NYC roof collapse lawsuit.

Do You Need a Construction Accident Injury Lawyer?

If you are injured or have lost a loved one due to a roof collapse, you need an experienced construction accident attorney. While it can seem overwhelming to deal with the details of filing insurance claims or a personal injury lawsuit, it’s crucial that you contact our attorneys right away.

You need to take immediate legal action because it’s easier to recover critical evidence just after your accident occurs. As time goes on, evidence may be lost or destroyed. Evidence helps you prove your case and persuade the insurance company or court that you deserve significant compensation.

Also, you want to call an attorney promptly to ensure you file your claim on time. Generally speaking, the New York statute of limitations is three years from the time of your accident injury. After that time, a judge can throw out your case.

To get started on your New York roof collapse injury claim, contact our knowledgeable attorneys for a free consultation. We’ll listen to your experience, answer questions, and advise you of your legal options.

If you decide to hire us, we work on contingency, so you owe us nothing until we win you money. Contact us today to find skilled legal advocates who will fight for the NY roof collapse injury compensation you need.

Injuries from Crane Accidents on New York Construction Sites

Cranes are an essential part of the modern construction industry, especially when building NYC skyscrapers. However, these massive machines carrying huge loads also bring the potential for serious accidents. 

The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) reported 297 total crane-related deaths from 2011 to 2017. This is an average of 42 crane deaths per year across the United States. Here are more facts you should know about crane accidents:

  • Half of crane deaths resulted from a worker being struck by an object or machine;
  • Three-fifths of crane deaths were from a falling object;
  • 43% of crane deaths were in the private construction industry;
  • 27% of all crane deaths occurred at a construction site; and
  • New York tied for the second-highest number of crane deaths.

These tragic crane fatality statistics don’t even account for all crane injuries, which are numerous. Construction companies must be held accountable for training and supervising workers in safe crane operation. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a NYC crane accident, you should contact a knowledgeable construction attorney, such as those at Ferrante & Koenig.

What Are Common Causes of Crane Accidents?

Cranes require careful attention to operate safely. Distracted crane operators, improper training, faulty equipment, or even weather conditions can lead to horrific crane injuries. Here are some of the common causes of crane accidents:

  • Contact with live power lines,
  • Dropped loads,
  • Boom collapse,
  • Overturned crane,
  • Malfunctioning under-the-hook lifting device, and
  • Rigging failure.

By filing a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit, you can pursue the payment you need. However, taking legal action also encourages manufacturers and construction companies to make the industry safer, so you help protect other workers from harm.

How Can a Construction Attorney Help You?

If you’ve been injured in a crane accident in NYC, you deserve compensation. All New York employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, so you should be able to access this money. Workers’ compensation is not fault-based, so even if you caused your accident, you can file a claim.

However, you may also have other avenues to pursue compensation, such as filing a lawsuit. Usually, workers’ compensation protects an employer from personal injury lawsuits. However, if your employer violated a NY labor law, you may be able to sue.

Also, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of defective equipment or another third party. A construction accident injury lawyer will evaluate every aspect of your case and look for ways to obtain maximum injury compensation.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer for a Consultation

Your first step toward recovering accident compensation should be to contact an experienced construction accident attorney. At Ferrante & Koenig, our attorneys help accident victims get the compensation they deserve. We also support grieving family members as they fight for justice after their loved one’s wrongful death. 

Because we want excellent legal representation to be available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, we offer a free consultation. We also work on contingency, which means you owe us nothing until we win your case. Contact us today for a free consultation, and start pursuing your NYC crane accident injury or wrongful death compensation.

Injuries from Falling Objects on New York Construction Sites

When you’re least expecting it, a falling object on a construction site can impact your life. Falling objects can cause severe injuries to the people who are hit.

The weight of the object, as well as the height from which it fell, determine the potential damage. Even a small metal object, dropped from a great height, can cause life-changing injuries.

What Injuries Are Caused by Falling Objects?

Construction sites use a variety of tools, from hammers and drills to screws and bolts. When a worker accidentally drops one of these tools, it can cause any of these serious injuries:

  • Concussion,
  • Brain damage,
  • Laceration,
  • Eye injury,
  • Bone fracture,
  • Neck injury, and
  • Spinal cord damage.

Unfortunately, some workers and visitors to construction sites are killed by falling objects. If you were seriously injured or lost a loved one due to a falling object at a construction site, you need an experienced attorney. 

Who Is Responsible for Your Construction Site Injury?

Your attorney will determine who was responsible for your injury, which will help you identify your legal remedy. Any of these factors may have caused the NYC falling object injury:

  • A worker was texting or distracted by something else, 
  • A worker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • An employer did not properly train workers,
  • The employer did not keep the construction site in a safe condition, or 
  • The manufacturer sold defective equipment.

Once your attorney figures out who was responsible for your accident, you can decide whether to file a lawsuit. If you were working at the site, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, filing a lawsuit will allow you to pursue much more injury compensation than is available under workers’ comp insurance.

What Laws Govern Falling Object Injuries?

Every employer in New York must subscribe to workers’ compensation insurance, so that remedy should be available to you even if you caused your work accident.

However, other New York laws may hold your employer or a third party liable for your injuries. For instance, New York Labor Law 23 protects workers from falling objects. It requires employers to install protections on surfaces that might have falling objects. 

OSHA’s General Duty Clause mandates additional measures, including that an employer has to provide a workplace free from hazards that are likely to cause serious harm or death.

Product liability laws will hold third parties responsible for defective equipment. If a piece of machinery broke and fell, you might be able to sue a manufacturer for your injuries.

Contact a Construction Accident Injury Attorney

If you’ve experienced a serious injury or the death of a loved one from a falling object in NY, you need an attorney. Your attorney can help investigate the cause of your accident and pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Call the experienced construction accident attorneys at Ferrante & Koenig for a free consultation to discuss your case and evaluate your legal options.

Injuries from Ladder Accidents on New York Construction Sites

Ladders are invaluable tools on construction sites, but they can also be the cause of serious accidents. Each year, many New York construction workers are injured or killed in ladder accidents.

Because the construction industry can be so dangerous for employees, New York lawmakers enacted legal protections. New York Labor Law 240 protects workers who are on elevated surfaces.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also regulates the use of ladders on worksites. An elevation of 19 inches or more that does not have a ramp or other means of accessing the height requires the use of a ladder. OSHA requires employers to regularly inspect ladders to ensure they are safe for use.

Compensation for Ladder Injuries

If you were injured in a ladder accident in NYC, you may be eligible for several types of compensation. A construction accident attorney can review your accident details and determine which of these forms of compensation are available:

  • Workers’ compensation,
  • Labor lawsuit against your employer, or
  • Lawsuit against the ladder manufacturer or another third party.

Your employer should have workers’ compensation insurance, since New York law requires it. Workers’ compensation is the most accessible form of injury payment because it doesn’t require you to prove that someone else was at fault for your accident. However, workers’ compensation law usually prevents you from suing your employer for a workplace accident.  

Under certain circumstances, such as if your employer violated a New York labor law, you may be able to sue. Additionally, workers’ compensation does not prevent you from suing a third party who was responsible for your accident, such as the manufacturer of a malfunctioning ladder.

How Much Money Can You Get for Ladder Injuries?

Ladder accidents can cause serious injuries that require extensive medical care and time off work. Workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits are intended to get you the payment you need to cover accident expenses. 

You can receive compensation for these financial harms through a workers’ comp claim:

  • Medical bills, and
  • Percentage of lost wages.

A personal injury lawsuit allows you to recover a greater array of damages. In a lawsuit, you can recover both financial and emotional damages, including the following:

  • Lost wages,
  • Medical bills,
  • Rehabilitation expenses,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of future earnings, and
  • Loss of companionship.

It can seem challenging to sort through the various laws that may apply to construction injuries in NY and find the best path for compensation. An experienced construction accident attorney can assist you in determining how to pursue maximum compensation.

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a NYC ladder accident at work, you need an experienced attorney. At Ferrante & Koenig, our construction accident attorneys offer a free consultation. In that meeting, we can discuss your case, answer any questions, and advise you of your best options for obtaining compensation. 

If you decide to hire us, we work on contingency, meaning that you don’t owe us anything until we win your case. Then you pay us from a portion of your settlement. We offer this flexible payment structure because we don’t want finances to prevent anyone from pursuing the accident compensation they deserve.

We want to help you get the money you need to provide for you and your family while you recover. Contact us today to get started on your ladder accident case.

Injuries from Scaffolding Collapses on New York Construction Sites

Scaffolding collapses can cause terrible injuries or death to construction workers. If you’ve been injured or lost someone you love in a scaffolding collapse, you may need an attorney.

Your employer has a responsibility to provide you a safe work environment. 

New York labor laws specify that scaffolding must meet certain safety standards. NY Labor Law 240 requires safety rails on scaffolds that are more than 20 feet high. The law mandates the weight capacity of scaffolding, requiring them to hold four times the maximum weight of loads they carry.

Types of Compensation for Scaffolding Injuries

If you were injured in a scaffolding collapse in NYC, you may be able to get injury compensation from several sources:

  • Workers’ compensation,
  • Personal injury lawsuit against your employer, and
  • Personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of the scaffolding.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required in New York, meaning that your employer should carry it. Workers’ compensation does not require you to prove that someone else caused your injury. Usually, an employer who has workers’ comp insurance cannot be sued. 

Even if you file for workers’ compensation, you can still sue a third party, such as a manufacturer or contractor, who caused your injuries.

What Payment Can You Recover for Scaffolding Injuries?

Though scaffolding is an integral part of the New York construction scene, it poses dangers to both workers and pedestrians. If you were injured in a scaffolding collapse in NY, you deserve compensation. You may be able to recover these types of compensation through a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Medical bills,
  • Rehabilitation expenses,
  • Lost wages,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of companionship, and
  • Loss of future earnings.

If you are only eligible for workers’ compensation, your recovery is limited to medical expenses and a percentage of your wages. However, if your attorneys find a way for you to file a personal injury lawsuit, your potential damages could be worth much more money.

What Should You Do After a Scaffolding Accident?

After a scaffolding accident, you should immediately seek medical attention. Also, report your accident to a supervisor. It’s also important to collect evidence—such as photos of the accident scene—promptly after your accident. If you aren’t in a position to visit the accident scene, ask a trusted representative to gather evidence for you.

You should also call an attorney as soon as possible. When you’re in pain and trying to recover from injuries, you don’t need to deal with insurance paperwork and negotiations. An attorney can help you sort through legal options and find the best path for maximum compensation. Your legal representatives can also take over paperwork and negotiations for you, so you can focus on recuperating.

Contact a Construction Injury Attorney for a Consultation

If you need an experienced construction injury attorney, call the lawyers at Ferrante & Koenig for a free consultation. You can ask us questions and get our opinion on your legal options. If you decide to hire us, we work on contingency, meaning you won’t owe us payment until we win your case.

Take the first step toward getting the compensation you deserve for your scaffolding accident in New York by contacting our skilled attorneys today.