My name is Anthony Ferrante, and I am a personal injury attorney in the Bronx. This post is intended as a resource for those who need to hire a personal injury attorney but don’t have a personal referral. Herein, you will find a list of five of the best personal injury lawyers in the Bronx whom I personally endorse (myself not included).

Personal injuries, whether from accidents or negligence, can drastically change your life. Making the right choice in legal representation is critical to pursuing the financial compensation necessary to recover. Most people believe that the best way to find a lawyer is through a personal referral from someone they know and trust. This is especially true if that person has direct experience with the attorney.

However, not everyone in need of a personal injury lawyer has someone who can provide such a referral. So, consider this list a personal referral from me. If you have suffered a personal injury in the Bronx, you can be confident that any of the lawyers on this list will provide exceptional guidance and representation.

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5 of the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in the Bronx

1. Jeffrey Koenig – Ferrante & Koenig 

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Jeffrey Koenig, my partner at Ferrante & Koenig, Attorneys at Law, stands out as a top personal injury lawyer in the Bronx. With 17 years of experience dedicated to representing victims of injuries, particularly from construction site accidents, Jeffrey has proven his mettle as a trial lawyer with numerous favorable jury verdicts in both state and federal courts. His notable accomplishments include securing the largest labor law/construction site injury verdict in New York State in 2008, highlighting his experience and commitment to securing justice for his clients.

Known for his approachable demeanor, Jeffrey ensures that all his clients receive personalized attention and thorough support throughout their legal journey, making him a trusted choice for those injured due to negligence. If you’re facing a personal injury issue, I recommend consulting Jeffrey Koenig before reaching out to other attorneys.

2. Michael Maggiano – Maggiano, DiGirolamo, Lizzi P.C.

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Michael Maggiano, founder and senior partner at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, is a preeminent personal injury lawyer with over 45 years of experience specializing in a broad spectrum of motor vehicle accidents. Based in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area, Maggiano has been involved in high-profile cases nationwide, such as the Amtrak Train Disaster of 2015, achieving routine seven and eight-figure recoveries for his clients. His extensive trial experience and proven success have made him a top choice for lead trial counsel across the country, and he is highly respected among his peers as one of the top trial lawyers in the region.

Licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, and before the Supreme Court of the United States, Maggiano holds numerous accolades including a Lifetime Achievement Award from Chicago Kent College of Law and the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Gerald B. O’Connor Award. He remains active in legal education, frequently speaking at conventions and contributing to leading legal journals, emphasizing his dedication to the field of personal injury law, particularly relevant for clients in the Bronx seeking experienced representation in complex cases.

3. Ivan M. Diamond – Diamond Injury Law

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Since launching his career in 1995, Ivan M. Diamond, Esq. has become a formidable personal injury attorney, especially in negligence and medical malpractice cases throughout the Bronx.

By focusing exclusively on personal injury law, Mr. Diamond leverages extensive experience, deep legal knowledge, and robust courtroom skills to secure substantial financial awards for his clients’ pain and suffering. His notable successes in trials, settlements, and appeals are frequently featured in legal publications, affirming his reputation in the legal community. Additionally, Mr. Diamond is an active member of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the New York County Lawyers Association, ensuring he remains at the forefront of his field.

4. Taryn Caruso – Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C.

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Taryn, an attorney at Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C., works specifically in medical malpractice and personal injury law, with a particular focus on serving clients in the Bronx. Her comprehensive legal approach is enhanced by her educational background in medicine. Taryn’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Thomas Jefferson University provides her with a critical understanding of injuries vital for her area of law.

Prior to her legal career, Taryn worked as a paralegal in civil litigation, gaining exposure to a range of legal issues including personal injury and civil RICO statutes. Her law studies at Hofstra Law School were complemented by internships at the New York County Supreme Court and Queens Family Court, broadening her expertise in family and matrimonial law. Taryn’s unique combination of medical knowledge and legal acumen, along with her talent for communication and building personal connections, make her a standout attorney in handling complex personal injury cases.

5. Stuart M. Kerner, Esq. – Kerner Law Group, P.C.

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Stuart M. Kerner, Esq., a seasoned personal injury lawyer with over 30 years of experience, practices law in New York and New Jersey, focusing exclusively on personal injury and accident cases.

A graduate of Cardozo Law School, Kerner is deeply committed to advocating for accident victims. He operates out of the Riverdale section of the Bronx, where his firm, Kerner Law Group, P.C., has been based since its inception in 1997. The firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who have suffered serious injuries, achieving favorable outcomes in a variety of cases, including auto accidents, oilfield accidents, traumatic brain injuries, and other significant personal injuries.

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