expectations during personal injury case

The most important thing that a personal injury client must do is focus on getting better.  Address your medical issues, see the appropriate doctors, make sure to keep your appointments and undergo the objective tests that are recommended. 

In the process of getting better, you will establish your case.  The focus should be on your health and not on the case – especially at the outset.

Aside from that, a personal injury client is expected to communicate with their attorney and staff.  Let us know if you found a new doctor or are getting a different test.  Let us know if the doctor has discharged you. Getting bills at home?  Please let us know.  The more information your accident lawyer has, the better.

If your case is going through the litigation process you will be required to come in for a deposition, a medical exam with at least one doctor on behalf of the defendants and the trial.

A deposition is a question and answer session where the defendant’s lawyers will question you about your background, employment, the day of the incident, your injuries and treatment history, and how you are feeling today.  This is usually completed in 2-4 hours.  Your injury lawyer will prepare you for questioning and sit with you for the duration.

You will then be required to appear for medical exam (or exams) by a doctor (or multiple doctors) chosen by the defendants.

If your case goes to trial, you will be expected to be present in the courtroom for the duration. The trial can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks or more.

These are the obligations of a personal injury client whose case has been fully litigated.  Of course, any case can resolve early in the process which would lessen this involvement, but there could also be additional times where an attorney must speak to the client, or set an in person meeting.  The client should make themselves available for that as well.

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