It is difficult to determine the average slip-and-fall settlement in New York because each case is unique. The specific circumstances of each case, including the severity of the injuries and the defendant’s degree of fault, will determine the settlement amount.

If you were hurt in a slip and fall and are seeking financial restitution, a seasoned personal injury lawyer like Ferrante & Koenig can help. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence, calculate damages, and negotiate a fair settlement.

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Factors That Influence the Value of Slip-and-Fall Settlements

A slip-and-fall settlement is a financial agreement between the injured person (the plaintiff) and the responsible party (the defendant). New York law requires a landowner to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition so as to prevent injuries from slips and falls or other accidents. The settlement compensates the plaintiff for their losses from the accident.

Generally, the more severe the injuries and the more evidence showing the defendant’s fault, the higher the settlement will be. Some other factors that can impact the settlement value include

  • Severity of the injuries: The more serious the injuries, the higher the settlement is likely to be. This is because juries are more easily persuaded when injuries are serious.  It is easy to see that a broken bone requiring surgical repair with plates and screws should be worth more than a hairline fracture that will heal in 6 weeks.  Also, more severe injuries generally result in higher medical bills and a greater loss of income due to time missed from work. Slip and fall settlements with surgery typically command greater damages than those without.
  • Pain and suffering: The value of someone’s “pain and suffering” is difficult to quantify, but there are several common factors considered.  The nature and extent of the injury and diagnosis, the length and type of treatment you are forced to undergo, and your prognosis for recovery are all important components of this “pain and suffering” category.  
  • Medical bills: The amount of medical bills can greatly influence the settlement amount. You deserve compensation for expenses for hospital stays, surgeries, treatment, long-term care, and physical therapy.  In some cases, this claim for medical bills can also include anticipated medical care in the future.   
  • Lost wages: If you are disabled and unable to work as a result of your injuries from the accident, a settlement may include compensation for lost wages.  This claim can include not only wages lost from the date of the accident but also for the remainder of your anticipated work-life.
  • Degree of fault: The settlement amount might be affected by the degree to which the defendant is at fault for the accident. If the defendant is found to be largely or entirely at fault, the settlement will likely be significantly higher than if the plaintiff shares some blame.
  • Applicable laws and regulations: The laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where the accident occurred could also impact the settlement amount.

If you’ve been in a slip-and-fall accident and are seeking compensation, see an attorney. They can help you understand your rights and options and work with you to negotiate a fair settlement.

Slip and Fall Settlements With Surgery vs. Without Surgery in New York

Slip and fall settlements with surgery in NYC tend to be higher due to the increased medical costs, the severity of the injuries, and the extended recovery period associated with surgical procedures. These settlements often cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs. Some settlements in this category can be several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the specifics of the case and the impact of the injury on the victim’s life.

In contrast, slip and fall settlements without surgery in NYC generally involve less compensation. This is because the injuries are usually less severe, and the medical expenses and recovery time are reduced. Typical settlements in these cases might only be a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars, reflecting the lower overall impact on the victim’s daily life and financial situation.

Examples of NYC Slip-and-Fall Settlements

Because every accident and injury is different, there is no such thing as a “typical” slip-and-fall settlement. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing excellent service to each one of our clients. Here are some examples of our results to show the variety of possible outcomes for slip-and-fall settlements.

Disclaimer: Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome in your case. You should speak with an attorney about the facts of your slip and fall case to understand its potential value.

Settlement for Injuries Caused by a Fall Down the Stairs: $400,000.00 

We successfully secured recovery for a client who fell down the stairs under a trap door in a Brooklyn bodega. His injuries affected his knee, wrist, neck, and back and his treatment included arthroscopic knee surgery to repair torn ligaments.

Arbitration Award for Slip-and-Fall Injuries: $294,780.92 

We helped a client recover damages from their landlord, who was renting the apartment without a permit. Our client slipped and fell in her apartment bathroom due to the landlord’s negligence, and her injuries included a foot fracture that required extensive surgery.

Settlement for Injuries Caused By Dangerous Curb: $275,000 

Our client, an EMT with New York’s fire department, slipped on a broken curb near the firehouse. His injuries included a fractured ankle, which required surgery years after the incident. On his behalf, we successfully sued a road work contractor for causing the injury.

Settlement for Injuries Caused by a Slip-and-Fall: $275,000.00 

After falling while crossing an icy street, another client suffered a knee injury that necessitated a total knee replacement. A nearby building owner caused the incident by negligently allowing a leaky condition to affect the road’s safety.

Settlement for Injuries Caused by Trip-and-Fall on Sidewalk: $225,000.00 

We successfully secured compensation for a client who suffered a knee injury after she slipped and fell on a sidewalk while leaving a family party. Her knee injury required a total knee replacement.  

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