A wise person once told me that a minor injury is an injury that happens to somebody else. That aside, you can get compensation for injuries even if they are not so significant as to require a surgical procedure, casting, or something more significant.

You must still prove that your injuries are “serious” under our law, but that can be accomplished with consistent medical care. For the most part, all you need to do is try to get better.

In the process of trying to heal yourself, and trying to get the treatment that you need to help your body recover from the injuries that you sustained in the accident, you are documenting your injuries.

An injury that didn’t exist before an accident that is now causing you limitations, even if they are not so significant as to prevent you from going to work, can be serious under our law.

If it affects your day to day life, forces you to take medication or think twice about bending down to tie your shoes, it may be compensable under our law.

The way that you go about trying to prove it is with this consistent medical care, objective proof of an injury, and a doctor who will stand behind you.

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