Under New York’s no-fault system a person who is unable to work because of injuries from a car accident can receive lost wages. Your no-fault insurance carrier will reimburse you 80% of your pay, up to a total of $2,000.00 per month.

In order to get wages you must provide proof of employment, income and a disability note form your doctor.

If you are an on-the-books employee the first step to getting lost wages is to have someone who fills the human resources position with your company fill out a form called an Employer’s Wage Verification, or an NF-6.  This form requests information about your title, salary, date of hire and missed time.

The second piece of the puzzle is a disability note from your treating doctor.  The note must connect your disability to the car accident in question and specify your dates of disability.

You can also get lost wages if you are self-employed, although it is a more involved process that requires additional proof of your income.  In addition to a Verification of Self-Employment Income, or an NF-7, copies of two years tax returns must be provided to the no-fault carrier.

Insurance companies are often more skeptical in paying wages under these circumstances but they should be paid eventually, once appropriate proof is provided.

When injured after a car accident, lost wages are often one of the most important things to deal with upfront, given that your income has been put on hold but your bills continue to come in.  But often times, depending on which insurance company you are dealing with, they often take a long time recover.

This is the one area where the old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” will do you well.  Follow up with your HR person for the completed forms, your doctor for the disability note, and the no fault adjuster for the check once everything has been provided.

Contact Anthony Ferrante, your personal injury attorney to review your options after a car accident.

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